What is a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is one of the most common procedures performed today, factors such as multiple pregnancies, weight loss or genetics contribute to the loose skin or fatty deposits in the abdominal area.  Should you have excess skin on the sides of your stomach or around your back your surgeon may recommend a belt lipectomy

Whats involved in the operation?

To smooth out the abdominal area the surgeon the surgeon makes incisions along the pubic area to hip to hip and sometimes to navel down. The excess skin is then pulled over the abdominal area cut and removed. The navel does remain intact however the surgeon sometimes make a new opening in correct position. Abdominoplasty can tighten muscles that have been separated and weakened by pregnancy, and may improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Benefits of a tummy tuck

• Significant complications from abdominoplasty are infrequent. • Unless there is significant weight gain or the patient becomes pregnant, the abdomen should remain firmer and flatter for many years. • Recovery time varies among individuals, but patients may be able to return to non strenuous work one to three weeks after surgery, and in many instances resume most normal activities, including some mild form of exercise, after a few weeks.

How long will the operation take?

Typically this surgery takes 4-6 hours

Risks and complications

• Every surgery carries some risk. Potential complications include bleeding, infection and reactions to anesthesia. Tissue loss along portions of the horizontal incision is possible when the abdominoplasty is extensive. • While bruising will disappear over a period of weeks, it may be months before all swelling subsides. • Numbness over some portions of the abdominal area may persist for several months. • Incisions lines may take months to fade and will be permanently visible. • It’s important to maintain a healthy diet as weight gain and does stretch the skin and increase the scarring further.

Post Operative Care:

After surgery you will be taken to recovery and you will have one or two drains placed at the time of surgery to remove any fluids and blood which collects under your skin. While in bed you will be advised to sleep on your back with knees elevated with a pillow underneath, this reduces strain on the abdominal area, you will have bandages covering the incisions and will feel some compression across the abdomen. It’s important to try walking short distances as soon as possible after procedure as this helps with reducing swelling and eliminate the chance of blood clotting in legs. For the first 1-2 days discomfort is the most intense which you will be provided medications to help, you will notice swelling and bruising which will subside around 6-8 weeks Day 3-4 you will have your catheter and drains removed and wound cleaned, you are allowed to then shower as normal however you are not allowed to submerge in swimming pools and bath tubs. You will then be discharged from hospital it’s important to continue to take your oral medications provided from surgeons and continue to change your dressing as per doctor’s instructions. From days 5-7 it’s important to keep you wound clean and dry and change your dressings twice a day, you must avoid strenuous activities that can disrupt your internal suture. Avoid lifting anything greater than 2 Kilos for the first week. You should start to return to normal around the 3 month mark in which your surgeon will advise when you can resume your normal activities. Day 7-10 you will have your sutures removed and follow up with surgeon

CanI view Before and After Photos?

Yes of Course! Please contact us to view

The process:

Photos are required for initial assessment you also will need to complete a short confidential questionnaire this will be forwarded to you once ready to proceed. This way our surgeons can assess your details prior to travelling to make sure you are a suitable candidate for this surgery and also provide you accurate costs and how long you will need to stay after procedure. After you have returned all relevant information and photos our surgeons will review and provide you recommendations, accurate price and how long your are required to stay after procedure

What do I do if I want to book?

After receiving your review and your ready to lock in a date drop us a line with a date that suits and we will make sure your surgeon is available we will then make necessary bookings and arrangements for your surgery booking

Required length of stay

Length of stay varies depending on procedure/s this will be provided in your surgical review, usually it would be from 10-14 days

How do I pay for my surgery?

Payments for surgery are made directly to your hospital after you have your face to face consultation with surgeon and your comfortable to undertake procedure, should you change your mind after your consultation you will only then be charged the surgeons consult fees.

Doyou offer payment Plans?

If you are located in Australia we can provide you with affordable finance through our partners the friendly team will be able to provide you a plan to suit your budget.

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