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Asia Cosmetic Getaways – Terms and Conditions

Asia Cosmetic getaways is a medical tourism facilitator providing medical information to their clients from their affiliated hospital and or clinics, Under no circumstances is Asia Cosmetic Getaways providing medical advice, all information given to clients is strictly on behalf of all hospitals and surgeons we represent, and regardless of wording no information provided to client or prospective client is to be interpreted as Asia Cosmetic Getaways or personnel working for Asia Cosmetic Getaways offering or providing medical advice or recommendations all information provided from our accredited hospitals/clinics review of clients details provided by you, Asia Cosmetic Getaways accepts no liability for any surgery performed and is at patients own risk, Asia Cosmetic Getaways encourage all patients to undertake their own research regarding risks and complications associated procedure/s and their inherent risks and complications and everything else you should know about your surgery Asia Cosmetic Getaways merely acts as a third party assisting with facilitation of services only

Third Party Information

Asia Cosmetic Getaways relies on third party material from providers Asia Cosmetic Getaways accepts no form of liability if any third party information provided is outdated, incorrect and information can be changed at any time according to the third party terms and conditions

Website Information:

We collect and use the personal information for purposes including to contact and communicate with you, for internal record keeping and for marketing. No information provided will be advertised or provided to any party unless consent is provided by you the client

Website Travel Booking Widgets:

Asia Cosmetic Getaways accepts no liability for any clients booking or using the online travel booking systems, any booking made through this affiliated booking system is at clients own accord, any changes to bookings such as flights, accommodation, car rentals, travel insurance is required to be taken up with providers involved, Asia Cosmetic Getaways can not make any changes to any booking, full terms and conditions are found once booking is made and paid in full and provided from either booking . com or providers used.

Client Privacy:

Asia Cosmetic Getaways will never provide any personal details to any other provider other than hospital/surgeons and is strictly on behalf of you the client requesting us to do so. No before and after photos will ever be used without prior consent from patients, all patients have the right to keep all before and after photos confidential and Asia Cosmetic Getaways will adhere to this. When requesting to see any before and after photos you the client agree not to share this information with any other party. All photos provided as evidence are restricted by copyright you must not copy or use any images in any way without consent failure to comply will result in prosecution to the fullest consent of the law. Whilst we aim to provide photographic evidence some procedures we will not provide photos due to the invasive nature to which you will need to view when in consult with doctor, this is out of respect to our clients., irrelevant or misleading, please contact us by email. We rely in part upon customers advising us when their personal information changes. We will respond to any request within a reasonable time. We will endeavor to promptly correct any information found to be inaccurate, incomplete or out of date.

Insurance – Travel & surgery:

Asia Cosmetic Getaways recommends all clients to research and obtain their own travel and or surgery insurance related to clients trip Asia Cosmetic Getaways accepts no form of liability regarding issues related to flights or accommodation and all clients agree with terms set out according to their travel itinerary provided by travel agent and or booking websites, all clients agree to risks associated with surgery, client agrees that any surgery insurance taken out with third party global protective services will abide by their terms and conditions related to insurance policy, any questions related to any policy whether surgery or travel should be handled directly with insurance providers. Asia Cosmetic Getaways are in no way responsible for any missed flights as a result which can delay surgery nor accepts are liability for any costs incurred during your stay at hotel or resort

Agreement on Associated Risks & Complications:

Any clients should do their own research regarding any surgery and procedures they are undertaking all surgery performed is at patients own risk, Asia Cosmetic Getaways accepts no form of liability for any patient undertaking procedures and you the client / patient exclude Asia Cosmetic Getaways from any form of liability associated with surgery, as a result of a complication Asia Cosmetic Getaways does adhere to assist all patients in communicating on their behalf with hospitals or clinics for a period of 12 months should any complication or revision surgery be required, after this time frame Asia Cosmetic Getaways has the right to charge further client service fees

Booking Fee and Cancelation Policy:

Asia Cosmetic Getaways booking fee is payable once confirming surgery/dental appointment date via bank transfer or pay pal, this is confirmation from you the client/patient you will be proceeding with appointments and allows Asia Cosmetic Getaways to make all necessary appointments on your behalf Asia Cosmetic Getaways booking fees are non refundable should you not proceed with confirmed treatment however can be transferred at another booking within 6 months of original booking date or at discretion of Asia Cosmetic Getaways Surgery booking fee $450 AUD Group escorted tour fee $850 AUD One on one Surgery Escort/medical host – Available on request

Surgery Important Information:

Please note that all prices can change without notice. The final surgical plan and quotation will be confirmed after the face to face consultation with your surgeon/doctor or dentists. Prices include all hospital, operating room, anesthetists’ and doctors’ fees, a single private room, standard meals, medications and medical supplies. Clients usually only pay an additional amount for any phone calls made, computer rental, additional meals extra to the standard hospital supplied meals such as for another person staying at hospital. Clients who decide not to proceed with surgery are charged approx 1,000 Thai Baht for the consultation depending of hospital. This is in addition to the 200 Thai Baht registration fee for new hospital clients hospital registration this is the surgeons fees and no further discount is applied. The surgery will get postponed if you have menstruation on the day of your appointment. Clients must secure their own compression garments these are not included unless stated otherwise Breast surgery is not recommended until at least 6-12 months after last breast feeding surgeon will require you to wait until time has lasped. Breast reduction clients should be aware that the surgery carries risk of damage to the nerve and blood supply of the nipple, which may result in partial or complete necrosis that requires a nipple reconstruction procedure. The procedure may also impair or diminish the ability to breast feed in the future. Thai law requires clients to be at least 20 years of age at time of surgery. Exceptions are allowed for younger clients provided that consent is received from parents/guardians and the surgeon accepts the case based on individual requirements such as, client has “developed” and growth-maturity is complete. This is determined on a case by case basis and often requires parent or guardian to sign a waiver otherwise surgery will not proceed The recommended stay in Thailand after surgery is mandatory. If you choose not to stay the required amount of days, you will not be covered under hospital surgical guarantee (where applicable) The surgical guarantee does not apply to revision surgery clients who had their previous surgery at another hospital. Hospitals or Asia Cosmetic Getaways must be notified within 12 months of the surgery date for any claims made against the surgery guarantee. Clients should be aware that the following will not be covered by the surgical guarantee: Smokers who do not stop smoking 4 weeks prior to having surgery, and 4 weeks after surgery. Clients who drink alcohol 1 week prior to their surgery and for the complete post-operative period until they have ceased their course of antibiotics or as advised by their surgeon. Clients who engage in activities such as boat tours, elephant trekking, parasailing and strenuous activities during recovery period. Patients should be aware that this recommendation is an opinion provided by our surgeons based on the information you the client have been supplied. It is not a confirmation that this is the surgery will proceed until client undertakes the face to face appointment with our surgeon. Clients are advised to review the information and review the associated risks related to any surgical procedur prior to surgery. Patients should not eat or drink for at least 8 hours before the scheduled surgery. You should also cease smoking and consuming alcohol, as well as taking dietary supplements, Aspirin, Ibuprofen and vitamins at two weeks before your scheduled surgery. If you are taking any other medications, you should notify your coordinator of this before coming to Thailand or Manila. Estimated prices of some procedures may change according to the patient’s condition, medical history the estimated prices quoted are applicable for uncomplicated patients. Some clients who are having multiple procedure or extensive surgery, or who have a preexisting medical condition, or have been assessed as being at risk from anesthesia maybe required to complete additional pre surgery tests such as laboratory tests, chest X-rays, cardiac studies etc these could be requested prior to you traveling to Thailand or Manila for surgeons to review. These extra tests are not included in the estimated price Payment in full will be required before any surgery confirmed this is payable directly at the hospital.

Surgery Commitment and Guarantee

Asia Cosmetic Getaways surgeons and hospitals stand by the service that are offered believing in quality, client satisfaction and that we have a responsibility to clients long after they have returned home. All affiliated partners who provides surgery guarantees provides our clients with the assurances that they are not putting themselves at unnecessary risk by traveling overseas for surgery. Clients are advised that risks are inherently associated with any surgery, and that clients should be fully informed of those risks prior to electing to undertake surgery. Information on surgical, anesthetic and other risks are detailed in our information pamphlets on procedures which are available from your Coordinator. Clients should also fully discuss these risks with chosen doctor. If clients are healthy without prior medical conditions and have realistic expectations, follow surgeons and hospitals advice and recovery instructions, then clients should be pleased with their results. If, in the case that a problem does arise as a direct result of the surgery or hospital admission that requires corrective surgery, Asia Cosmetic Getaways will submit the case to the review process by third­ party surgeons and the hospital.

Review Process

If a client has a complication then Asia Cosmetic Getaways and or hospital/surgeons should be immediately advised including full details of that complication along with any evidence such as photos, medical reports. A review committee will review the complication and evidence and make a determination. This determination will essentially be 1. That the complication is related to surgery, hospital treatment or admission 2. That the complication is related to the client, previous medical or pre-existing conditions, the client not fully following post operative or surgeon’s instructions 3. That the complication is not related to surgery, hospital treatment or admission 4. That is not a complication. The issue is un-satisfaction because unrealistic expectations of the client surgeons/hospitals will notify the client of the determination in writing. If a client disagrees with the determination, they should immediately notify Surgeon/hospital in writing, providing the reasons why they disagree with the determination.


Clients should be aware that: 1. All post­ operative advice provided by Surgeons/Hospitals including medication recommendations, restricted activities, follow up care must be followed 2. Compression garments were recommended must be worn according to Surgeons instructions 3. In cases that a client considers to be an emergency, such as acute pain, acute swelling or infection, the client must notify Surgeon or the hospital immediately. If the client seek immediate medical assistance from a licensed medical practitioner, the client should obtain a medical report or statement detailing the diagnosis, treatment provided and cost of treatment and forward this information to surgeon and or hospital 4. Surgeons, the hospital and Asia Cosmetic Getaways will not reimburse the treatment costs outside the hospital. 5. Generally, except in the cases of emergency or acute complications, no determination will be made for 6 months following surgery. This is to allow ample time for the minimization of any swelling and to allow normal healing, scar minimization etc 6. No procedures, except in emergencies or acute complications, may be performed by another surgeon without the agreement from original surgeon and or hospital, Significant risk factors that maybe taking into account when making a determination on high risk surgery cases. ​

Patients with any of the following risk factors should ensure that this information has been provided to surgeon and or hospital before undertaking any surgical procedure and declared fully and truthfully on the pre-admission form, including but not limited to: Patients who smoke or are alcohol or drug dependent Patients outside a healthy BMI range Patients with diabetes or thyroid disease Patients with blood pressure disorders including hypertension, limb ischemia, varicose vein or hemorrhoids Patients with heart conditions including valvular disease or ischemia Patients with renal conditions including chronic renal failure or stone Patients with urinary conditions including benign prostatic hypertrophy, stricture of the urethra Patients with liver conditions including cirrhosis or hepatitis Patients with lung conditions including COPD, asthma or TB Patients with gastrointestinal conditions including peptic ulcer Patients with marrow conditions including dysplastic marrow Patients with nerve conditions including sensory, motor or autonomic disturbance Patients with muscle conditions including weakness, myasthenia­ Gravis or Guilain­barre syndrome Patients with uterine conditions including dysmenorrhea and endometriosis Patients with joint conditions including arthritis Patients with eye conditions including glaucoma Patients with psychiatric conditions depression, schizophrenia or anxiety Patients with systemic conditions including autoimmune disease allergy or cancer Patients with degenerative conditions to the spine, bone, joints, eye or brain Patients with keloid scarring problems Patients with vascular or heart problems Patients who take medications which could interfere with recovery Patients who are allergic to medications or other non disclosed allergies Patients who are HIV positive, or have hepatitis or syphilis


Clients should be aware that the following exclusions will not be covered by this guarantee 1. Inherent risks associated with surgery which are not a result of surgery error, including but not limited to capsular contracture and skin rippling (in the case of breast implants), numbness and changes in sensation, asymmetry , scars 2. Changes associated with weight gain/loss or pregnancy since the surgery 3. Applicable only to patients who have stayed the minimum recommended amount of nights recommended to recovery of the named procedure 4. Case where patients who have been identified and advised that a. they are high risk b. surgical outcomes may not be fully attained as expected by the patient c. prior to surgery, the surgery technique used, or any other factor provided to the patient which may result in a complication. This particularly applies to patients who insist on having procedure, when they have been informed by the surgeon that the results may not be optimal 5. The complication that occurred or the information send to surgeon and or hospital after 1 year of the original surgery.


After determination, and taking into consideration the conditions and exclusions above, the extent of responsibility will be allocated. Allocation of responsibility will be made on a case by case basis. If the complication needs an additional treatment or corrective surgery, 1. In case of complication directly related to surgery, hospital treatment or admission, Surgeon & the affiliated hospital will provide the treatment or corrective surgery with out charge. 2. In some cases, the client needs to response 50% of all hospital, admission, surgical and other costs associated with additional treatments or the corrective surgery. 3. In some cases, the client needs to response 100% of all hospital, admission, surgical and other costs associated with additional treatments or the corrective surgery. 4. Surgeons. affiliated Hospital and Asia Cosmetic Getaways do not reimburse for any cost of treatment outside Bangkok, Phuket or Manila 5. Surgeons and the affiliated Hospital and Asia Cosmetic Getaways are not responsible for any expenses for the airfares, transports, hotel accommodation of the patient and companion or family 6. Asia Cosmetic Getaways no no circumstances are not responsible for any costs related to revision surgery as a result of complication or surgeon error, Asia Cosmetic Getaways are not responsible for any further medications if required when in home country, return flights or accommodation or any travel expenses related to revision surgery travel, additional expenses such as food etc when traveling for revision surgery

Covid risks and waiver of liability

COVID viruses have been declared worldwide by the WHO which can hold potential risks all countries, While Asia Cosmetic getaways will do all we can to assure your safety it needs to be assumed that you are fully aware of these risks associated with traveling abroad as part of your own patient safety. Its recommended you follow any guideline instructions from your local government or country of departure to ensure its safe for your to be traveling. Its highly recommended you take out additional travel insurance to cover for such risks as COVID, Asia Cosmetic getaways will not accept any form of liability related to any COVID claims, damages, loss of any kind which includes disabilities and even death as a result of being exposed to COVID. You understand and accept full responsibility for all travel

Last update: 13 September 2021

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