During our time helping others to provide the best medical travel services, we’ve helped hundreds of people. Usually, they asked us many similar questions, which we decided to compile here and make it more convenient for our clients to get to know the info.

Q:  How safe it is to undergo a plastic surgery or dental abroad?

A:   Plastic surgeries have never been safer, that they are today.

All hospitals and or clinics we are affiliated with are ALL JCI accredited which means the highest international standards most people after attending actually say they are better than home which we think is true also the medical staff are the best in the world and take pride in assisting each and evey client achieve their goal

Our hospitals & dental clinics also offer guarnatees on procedures so if for unforseen circumstance you require corrective surgery resulting from surgeon/dentist error it would be corrected at not cost to you.

Q:  How long is the post-surgery recovery process?

A:   On average, a post-surgery recovery, which is under our nurses’ and doctors’ supervision takes no longer than 2 weeks depending on procedure/treatment.

Keep in mind your doctor will advise when its best for you to return to the gym/activities its important to follow the intructions post operative …

Q:  Is the post-surgery recovery (hotel stay) included in the overall price for my plastic surgery trip?

A:   Unless you have booked a complete package which includes flights and accommodation travel is on top of any surgical quote.

Q:  Is there some age limit restricting people from plastic surgeries?

A:   Yes its Thailand law you must be atleast 20 years of age for any plastic surgery, sometimes then with their parents’ consent of course clients can be accepted but on case by case basis.

Also, we highly recommend people older undertake a pre surgery medical at home prior to travelling that way you are given a clearnace that your fit and healthy to undertake surgery.

Q:  Do you provide plastic and/or reconstructive surgeries for patients covered under a Medicaid plan?

A:    Unfortunately any private insurance is not accepted for surgery rebates in Thailand.

Plastic surgeries quite often may not fall under this category at all…

Q:   If I don’t like the aesthetics of the end result, will the hospital discount me for a follow-up plastic surgery?

A:    Unfortunately no, its important to have realistic expectations regarding your surgery not due to your choice to perform a follow-up surgery for aesthetic reasons only.

Q:   Can I pay off My surgery?

A:    All payment for surgery is required in full before surgery is undertaken, payment plans are available to pay off your procedure should you prefer.

Q:   I have a friend or family member travelling with me can they stay at the hospital with me?

A:    Yes you can have a friend or family member stay in your hospital room on the couch provided or a bed can be arranged at additional costs.

Q:   Can I bring a friend or family member with me on your escorted tour groups?

A:    Yes of course group trips are not just those undertaking procedures.

Q:   Do you offer a one on one medical host if I don’t want to travel in a group on on my own?

A:    Yes of course please contact us to discuss this can always be arranged at anytime of the year please note that booking fees apply.

Q:   What happens after I return home and somethng doesn’t seem right?

A:    Please contact us as soon as you think something doesn’t seem right we will have you monoritered accordingly.

Q:   can I purchase insurance to cover any complications?

A:    Yes, additional insurance is available through Global Protective Solutions, they offer anyone travelling away for surgery or medical treatment special insurance which covers revision surgery, costs of travel, food please contact them directy for your personal quote.