Liposuction is the removal of unwanted and exercise resistant fat deposits with a tube and vacuum machine.

It is usually performed as a cosmetic surgery with the objective of slimming and smoothing contours of the body. Permanent fat cell removal with small unnoticeable scar is one of the benefits. Individuals with no serious medical condition and no contraindications to general anesthesia are good candidates for liposuction.

Most common areas for Liposuction are neck, upper arms, and the area above breast, abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves and ankles.

How long does the surgery take?

2-3 hours

Will I stay in Hospital?

Usually one night in hospital, no hospital admission if done under local anaesthetic

During the procedure

During the procedure the surgeon makes a small incision which is usually hidden in areas like the joint crease and in the navel. Liposuction is then performed after targeted fat cells are infused with a saline solution containing local anesthetic and adrenaline to decrease blood loss, allow an easier removal of fat, as well as diminish postoperative discomfort.

Pre Operative

Inform your surgeon of any allergies and all medical conditions and medications that you are taking. Avoid aspirin and blood thinning medications. Stop smoking 2 weeks prior to surgery. No food or drink at least 6 hours before surgery.

Post Operative and recovery

When admitted, intravenous antibiotics are given to prevent infection and pain is managed accordingly. Wound dressings are changed as required. Once discharged from hospital your surgeon will provide you oral antibiotics, pain reliever and anti swelling medications. Compression garments are to be worn 24/7 in the first week. On the second and third week compression garments are be removed for bedtime. Temporary bruising, swelling, numbness, soreness and burning sensation may be present. Patient usually returns to work and resume normal activities after days 5-14 Strenuous activities can be resumed after two to four weeks. It may take one to six months for the swelling and bruising to subside depending on the amount of fate areas being treated.

Limitations of Liposuction

Large areas of treatment have to separated into 2 or more sessions. Lipectomy which is skin removal of fat maybe be better choice if there is too much excess skin.


The results are permanent and must be followed by a sensible diet and consistent exercise

Risks and Complications

Ricks are inherent to any surgical procedure. The most common risks are infection, asymmetry, rippling of skin, injury to the skin, fluid retention and or excessive loss of blood. Too much liposuction can increase the risk of shock and bleeding, to reduce your risks it’s imperative to follow your surgeon’s instructions pre and post operative advice.

Areas for Liposuction

1: Chin and Neck = 1 area 2: Arm’s = 2 areas 3: Lateral Chest & Scapula = 2 areas 4: Upper Abdomen = 1 area 5: Lower Abdomen = 1 area 6: Waist and Hips – 2 areas 7: Buttocks = 2 areas 8: Medical Thigh = 2 areas 9: Lateral Thigh = 2 areas 10: Posterior Thigh = 2 areas 11: Anterior Thigh & Knees = 2 areas 12: Calf = 2 areas 13: Lower Back = 1 area

The process:

Photos are required for initial assessment you also will need to complete a short confidential questionnaire this will be forwarded to you once ready to proceed. This way our surgeons can assess your details prior to travelling to make sure you are a suitable candidate for this surgery and also provide you accurate costs and how long you will need to stay after procedure. After you have returned all relevant information and photos our surgeons will review and provide you recommendations, accurate price and how long your are required to stay after procedure

Required length of stay

Length of stay varies depending on procedure/s this will be provided in your surgical review, usually it would be from 7-14 days

How do I pay for my surgery?

Payments for surgery are made directly to your hospital after you have your face to face consultation with surgeon and your comfortable to undertake procedure, should you change your mind after your consultation you will only then be charged the surgeons consult fees.

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