Breast augmentation (aka mammoplasty and colloquially known as a “boob job”) is a plastic surgery initially designed to increase the size, change the shape, or alter the texture of the woman’s breasts. It involves surgical implants

placement behind each breasts to increases their volume and and or enhance the shape.

Is Breast Augmentation right for me?

You may wish to consider a breast augmentation if you feel your breasts are a little smaller than you like or out of proportion to the rest of your body Once or more of the following feelings may indicate you are a good candidate for breast implants • You are bothered by the feeling your breasts are to small • Clothes are often to big in the bust area • You feel self conscious wearing tight fitted clothing • Your breast have become smaller after having children • Weight loss has changed the volume or shape of your breasts • Breasts are different size • You are unhappy with the upper part of your breasts being ‘empty’ • You currently have breast implants, and are experiencing problems with them. • One or both breasts failed to develop normally, or have an unnatural, elongated shape A good candidate for surgery is someone whose breasts are fully developed, emotionally mature, and has realistic goals for the procedure.

What Breast Enlargement Surgery Won't Do

If your breasts are drooping and sagging, an additional breast lift may be recommended, Breast lift surgery can often be done at the same time as your augmentation or may require a separate operation

What happens during breast augmentation surgery?

1. Incision is made in the inframammary fold (Inframammary incision), around the areola (Periareolar incision) or in the armpit (Transaxillary incision). Incisions are made in inconspicuous areas to minimize visible scarring. You and your plastic surgeon will discuss which incision options are appropriate for your desired outcome. 2. The surgeon will lift breast tissue and skin to create a pocket (subglandular, submuscular). 3. The implant is placed on the pocket made. 4. Incisions are closed with sutures. 5. Bandages are applied and fixed with surgical tape.

Will this procedure affect my ability to breast feed in future?

This operation does not affect your ability to breastfeed in future

What shape of implants are available?

Round and Teardrop Implants are available

Whats the process?

Photos are required for initial assessment you also will need to complete a short confidential questionnaire this will be forwarded to you once ready to proceed. This way our surgeons can assess your details prior to traveling to make sure you are a suitable candidate for this surgery and also provide you accurate costs and how long you will need to stay after procedure.

How long do I need to stay in India or Thailand for this procedure?

Typically you will only need to stay from 7-10 nights length of stay would we confirmed upon surgical review

What do I do if I want to book?

After receiving your review and your ready to lock in a date drop us a line with a date that suits and we will make sure your surgeon is available we will then make necessary bookings and arrangements for your surgery booking

How do I pay for my surgery? Do I need to pay a deposit?

In most cases payments for surgery are made directly to your hospital after you have your face to face consultation with surgeon, this is dependant on your surgeon as some surgeons do require a small deposit upfront to secure your hospital room this would be advised in your review, should you change your mind after your face to face consultation you will only then be charged the surgeons consult fees. and surgery deposit (if made) will be refunded

Do you offer medical insurance?

For anyone wanting a little extra reassurance additional medical insurance or fly back cover can be taken out for a small cost, for your free online quote please refer here for our fly back cover

Can I view before and after photos?

YES of course! due to our privacy policy we do not publicly display even with our clients approval, please contact us directly and we will provide you many happy clients outcomes

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