Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)

There are generally three types of candidates for whom brachioplasty could be a beneficial procedure;

The first group are young women with arms that are out of proportion and don’t fit short sleeved shirts and blouses. They usually have firm skin, and just want to bring their arms into proportion with the rest of their body. This can easily be corrected with liposculpture.

The second group consists of Middle Age men and women looking to turn back the signs of again a little. They typically have a moderate amount of loose skin and tissue thickening, the incision can usually be hidden in the crease of the armpit depending on the extent of the loose skin, and sometimes the incision may need to be made a short way down the arm.

The third group of people that can significantly benefit from arm lift are men and women of any age who have lost a considerable amount of weight. Weight gain will stretch the skin, and weight loss will leave skin loose and redundant. With this procedure, the incision is made right down the arm from the armpit to the elbow, there will be a faintly visible scar, but this will fade in time.

Surgical Procedure:

Your surgeon will first mark the area of excess skin, and then after the anaesthetic is administered, incisions are made on the inner and under arm, usually in a zigzag pattern. Skin is usually cut off in an elliptical or triangular shape. Fatty tissue is often suctioned at the same time. After the loose skin and fat have been removed, the remaining skin is stretched and sutured into place. Occasionally a drain is used to lead excess fluids from the site of incision, allowing the skin better to adhere to the tissue beneath. The incisions are then bandaged

Hospital Admission

One – two nights

Pre operative care

Your surgeon will direct you on a preparation for surgery. Yu will be given instructions on eating and drinking, smoking and taking or avoiding vitamins, iron tablets and certain medications. If you develop a cold or infection of any kind especially a skin infection your surgery may be postponed Patients who suffer from hypertension must inform surgeon prior to surgery to eliminate the chance of post op bleeding you should avoid aspirin and any medication containing aspirin or brufen for two weeks prior to surgery.

Post Operative Care

After surgery your arms will be covered with a compression garment designed to hold then in shape while the newly sculptured skin heals to the tissue beneath. You will have sutures, possibly with a drain inserted to help the skin and tissue heal. Some sutures will absorb, and some may have to be removed by your surgeon during follow up visit Following the procedure you may feel some discomfort as there may be some swelling, bruising and stiffness Candidates who have lost a lot of weigh and there require surgery may need a week or so before returning to work

Risks and complications

Risks are inherent to any surgical procedure. The most common risks are swelling, bruising, bleeding, infection, fluid, numbness or scaring The most common risk particular to this surgery is pulmonary embolism due to the freeing of fat or blood clots into the bloodstream, however this is very rare An Arm lift is not recommended for patients who have had a mastectomy; the drainage fluid from the arm may already be damaged and further may lead to persistent swelling. Patients, who have repeated injections in the armpit or suffer from excessive sweating, may also not be good candidates for this surgery. For some people liposuction may be a better way to reduce the thickness of the whole arm

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