Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty

Eyelid surgery is the procedure used to correct conditions like baggy lower eyelid, lower eyelid wrinkle and the so called tear – trough deformity. First mechanism of deformity, the baggy lower eyelid is the senile change in the peri orbital fate prominence that is caused by laxity of the fat contents which are fascia and the muscle layer. The amount of peri orbital fat cannot increase with age. The second is the lower eyelid skin excess that expands with age, third is the laxity of the lower eyelid sphincter muscle. Lastly the tear trough deformity is the separating invigilating skin zone between 2 bulging areas of the peri orbital fat and cheek fat pad.


Surgical procedure

The surgeon will according to how patient’s presents remove the excess fat of a baggy eyelid and possibly tighten the muscles. The surgeon may also remove excess skin.

Hospital admission

Operation performed under LA – no admission is necessary Operation performed under GA 1-2 nights’ admission Duration of surgery Two to three hours

What Anaesthetic is used?

If undertaken under local anaesthetic this does save costs related to surgery and saves from anaesthetic risk and being awake gives the surgeon a dynamic assessment of the surgical adequacy. This can also be performed under GA especially when other procedures are undertaken at the same time.

Pre Operative care

Inform your surgeon of any drug allergies, all medical conditions and medications that you are taking. Patients who suffer from hypertension must control blood pressure to a normal level before undertaking surgery. 2 weeks prior to surgery To prevent the occurrence of abnormal bleeding that will cause may adverse consequences such as difficult surgery which can prolong operative time, post operative hematoma that will worsen post operative pain and swelling you should avoid consumption of any bleeding medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen 6 hours prior to surgery No food or liquid intake if undertaking surgery under GA No eye makeup, mascara allowed

Post operative care

Dressing: apply the compressive adhesive tape over the lower eyelid for 3 days then clean the sutured area twice daily with non irritating substance like saline solution Medication: You will be provided with oral antibiotics, anti swelling and pain reliever tablets Cold Compression: in the first 3 days to prevent further bleeding from the wound. Warm Compression: After 3 days to promote decrease in swelling. Don’t have it on the first 3 days otherwise it will increase the bleeding and swelling Suture Removal: Will be done on the 5th or 7th day post op Showering: Keep the suture site dry and away from any sweat and dirt until the stitches are removed. You may apply Chloramphenicol ointment over the suture line before getting in the shower. Activity: It is advised to avoid activities that can increase heart rate in the first 3 days and to rest in bed. Laying Position: In the first few days its best to lay in a high head position to lessen the leakage of blood to the wound area.

Recovery Expectations

In the first 2 days following procedure pain will be most intense and bruising and swelling will be maximum this will start to subside after 3 days and you will be at 90% recovery within 3 weeks. You will feel normal again within 2-3 months. Scar will be hidden very close to the lower eyelash

Risks and complications

Risks are inherent to any surgical procedure; the most common risks are swelling, bruising, bleeding, and infection, fluid and scarring. You can reduce your risks by closely following your surgeon’s instructions both before and after surgery.

Whats the process?

Photos are required for initial assessment you also will need to complete a short confidential questionnaire this will be forwarded to you once ready to proceed. This way our surgeons can assess your details prior to travelling to make sure you are a suitable candidate for this surgery and also provide you accurate costs and how long you will need to stay after procedure. After you have returned all relevant information and photos our surgeons will review and provide you recommendations, accurate price and how long your are required to stay after procedure

What do I do if I want to book?

After receiving your review and your ready to lock in a date drop us a line with a date that suits and we will make sure your surgeon is available we will then make necessary bookings and arrangements for your surgery booking

How Long will I need to stay?

Length of stay varies depending on procedure/s this will be provided in your surgical review, usually it would be from 10-14 days

How do I pay for my surgery?

Payments for surgery are made directly to your hospital after you have your face to face consultation with surgeon and your comfortable to undertake procedure, should you change your mind after your consultation you will only then be charged the surgeons consult fees.

Do you offer payment plans?

If you are located in Australia we can provide you with affordable finance through our partners the friendly team will be able to provide you a plan to suit your budget.

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