Arm Lift

Brachioplasty Arm Lift in Thailand

A.K.A arm lift is perfect for a couple types of people, those who have lost a lot of weight, those who are wanting to combat the signs of aging due to skin loose skin and those who have arms which are out of proportion to their body in this situation liposuction may be the answer instead

This procedure will remove skin that has lost its elasticity due to weight loss or aging improving the overall appearance of the arm area…

Q: What is Brachioplasty or arm lift?

A:  Loose skin, batwings, tuckshop arms call them what you will, loose skin on the upper arm is considered by many unattractive, it makes is diffcult to get fitted clothes or even wearing short sleeve tops or singlets unfortantely this can happen to those who have lost considerable amounts of weight, againg or just simply your arms are out of proportion to the rest of your body.

Q: What are my options to correct my arms?

A:  There are a couple of options available depending on your circumstances, one might be to undertake liposuction or some require surgery to remove the excess skin or tissue this would be dependant on the skin looseness

Q: What sort of scaring will I get?

A:  Depending on which option your surgeon recommends to correct this, you could just have a small incision from the liposuction which is easly to hide or even not be seen, or for those who do require surgical skin removal you could have a short scar slightly down the underside of your arms

Q: How long would I stay in hospital?

A:   Usually you would stay overnight for both liposuction and also surgical skin removal

Q: How long do I require to stay in Thailand post operative?

A:  Length of stay would be advised upon surgical review but typically from 7-14 days

Q: Do your surgeons offer surgery guarantee’s?

A:  Yes all our surgeon and hospitals provide surgical guarantee’s on all procedures for Asia Cosmetic Getaways clients

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A:  Yes for any living in Australia we can provide affordable payment plans

Q: Whats the process to obtain a surgical review?

A:  Photos are required for initial assessment you also will need to complete a short confidential questionnaire this will be forwarded to you once ready to proceed. This way our surgeons can assess your details prior to travelling to make sure you are a suitable candidate for this surgery and also provide you accurate costs and how long you will need to stay after procedure. After you have returned all relevant information and photos our surgeons will review and provide you recommendations, accurate price and how long your are required to stay after procedure

Q:  What is I would like to confirm and book my surgery?

A:  After receiving your review and your ready to lock in a date drop us a line with a date that suits and we will make sure your surgeon is available we will then make necessary bookings and arrangements for your surgery booking

Q:  Do surgeons or hospital require a surgery deposit?

A:  Depending on your surgeon sometimes a surgery deposit is required upfront, this deposit enable the surgeon to confirm and book your hospital room, should you not proceed with surgery this is fully refundable

Q: Do you require a deposit for my booking?

A:  Yes a booking confirmation is required upon confirming your surgery, this is non refundable but can be changed towards another booking should you require to change your surgery date

Q: When do I pay for my surgery?

A:  Full payment for surgery is required after you meet with surgeon for your face to face consultation and happy top roceed

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My mum at 78 years young went to Bangkok for a full facelift through Asia Cosmetic Getaways, she is extremely happy with the outcome thank you for your expertise and thoughtfulness…

Mrs H

I contact Asia Cosmetic Getaways when in Phuket but I thought I would have left it to late, then I came across Asia Cosmetic Getaways, I spoke with Ann who managed to get me an appointment the following day to met a surgery and possibly have surgery, Ann arranged everything for me within only a couple of hours I just couldn’t believe it, she spoke with me on the phone explaining the process, contact me before my appointments and again after surgery, I am thrilled with my results I think I look 10 years younger! I have and will be back for more procedures with Asia Cosmetic Getaways in the future the service is outstanding p>

Kelly - Eupore