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Asia Cosmetic Getaways medical travel Thailand are home to a wide array of highly
acclaimed industry professionals.

At Asia Cosmetic Getaways we are passionate about providing World Class medical services, we have handpicked the finest surgeons within their fields and will never skimp on quality. Asia Cosmetic Getaways have won multiple awards for “Best Surgery Holidays two years running for the entire Asia Pacific Region” & “Most prestigious customer service” within our industry we take pride our services and look forward to assisting you with your medical travel…

You can rely on any member of our medical team, starting with our head surgeons, our medical co-ordinators and our nurses, who work to make your medical holiday as stress free as possible. Our affiliated partners in the Thailand and Manila are leading Plastic Reconstructive surgeons, and Dental professionals having extensive experience within this industry, having surgery or dental in Thailand or Manila can save you over 50% – 70% to find out more on our packages available check out our package deals or like our facebook page for up to date deals

All surgeons and dentists speak fluent English as well as hospital staff with our surgeons having well over 20 years of experience. Our Hospitals in Thailand provide 24 hour assistance in which your nurses will check on your regularly when in your own private hospital room which seems more like a 5 star hotel than a hospital room, your also most welcome to have a friend or family member stay at the hospital for extra support
Our hospital, surgeons and dentists all offer procedure guarantees for anyone undertaking treatment, this is just added reassurance that travelling abroad for surgery is not only safe but World Class!

Still have some concerns about travelling for medical
treatment in Asia?

Asia Cosmetic Getaways offers a couple different destinations to choose from, Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samui also Manila Philippines, these hospitals have UK accreditation UKS and JCIA (Joint Commission International Accreditation) which in itself means the hospitals exceed International Standards both in America and UK, and truly world class facilities

We’re sure that our love and passion for the medical tourism industry is what it takes for us to be so good at our job and ensure you only the finest medical options

Asia Cosmetic Getaways FAQs

Below we have complied a list of Frequently asked questions should your question not be located below please refer to our FAQs page

Q:  How does it all work?

A:   It really easy drop us a line for your free consultation we will provide you extensive information about your procedure, surgeons, hospital or clinic to help you make an informed decision, once your ready we will arrange a free surgical or dental review from our specialists which will provide you recommendations, price and how long you need to stay post operative

We can assist you with accommodation choices arranging to your budget or your most welcome to arrange yourself, we don’t actually restrict you to our preferred accommodation
Our staff will make sure you fully prepared prior to travelling and also be available for your anytime whilst your away to ensure your not alone

Q:  What travel options do you offer?

A:   At Asia Cosmetic Getaways you’re free to travel at your own time, or for anyone looking for any extra support we offer escorted group travel several times throughout the year to Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. We personally will take you to your appointments and most importantly be there throughout your recovery. No matter if travelling alone or within a group you can be assured that we are available anytime throughout your trip.

Q:  Can I make my own travel arrangements?

A:   Yes we have preferred hotels/ resorts however you are not obligated to use our sources, however flights are required to confirm your booking, travel is required no later than 4 weeks prior to appointment.

Q:  When do I pay for my surgery or dental procedures?

A:   Payments are only required after your scheduled face to face consult with surgeons, or after your initial dental consultation, they are payable directly to your hospital/clinic, should you prefer to complete a money transfer we will provide details of bank accounts this is required at least 2 weeks prior to travelling.

Q:  What payment options are available?

A:   All our hospitals and clinics offer multiple payment options ranging from international money transfers, credit and debit card options, they also accept cash. we highly advise you to contact your financial institution prior to travelling to ensure you do not exceed your daily limit and also make them aware you will be making a large international currency transaction, that way your cards will not get cancelled

Q:  Do you offer payment plans?

A:   Yes we have two providers whom you can finance your surgery and travel with as a total package, pyament plans start from as little as $25 per week, you also have the flexability to pay of your medical finance as soon as you wish, please contact us directly for more information

Q:  What happens if I don’t want to proceed after arriving?

A:   You are not obligated to go ahead unless you feel completely comfortable with your consultation

Q:  Is the any guarantees?

A:   YES our hospitals and dental clinics have guarantee’s in place to ensure you are in the very best hands, these guarantees ensure you not only the very highest standards of treatments but also safe guard you in case a complication should arise and revision surgery is required, should you feel like something doesn’t seem right or as soon as apparent problem should arise and you will be monitored accordingly, our surgeons and dentists will review your details and if this complications was caused due to their error this will be corrected at no extra cost to you

Q:  Can a friend or family member stay at hospital with me?

A:   Yes a couch is provided for a friend or family member to stay at no extra cost

Q:  Are transfers included?

A:   Yes in most cases transport will be arranged, collecting you upon arrival in Thailand, and also for all your hospital appointments

Q:  Do I pay a deposit?

A:   A booking deposit is required when confirming your appointment date this secures your date and allows us to make all necessary details associated with booking. There are no other charges from us.

Q:  Am I required to pay a surgery deposit?

A:   In some cases yes depending on your surgeon, this deposit is to allow your surgeon to book and confirm your hospital room and operating theatre, remainder of your surgery amount is then payable after your face to face consult before your surgery. Should you not proceed with surgery once in Thailand this deposit is refundable

Q:  How long will I need to stay for treatment?

A:   Depending on your procedure or treatment this can vary, typically this ranges from 7 nights for a standard breast augmentation procedure or for more complex procedures you would need to stay up to 15 night’s, this would be confirmed upon review.

Q:  Can you arrange my medical trip even though I am outside Australia?

A:   Yes! We have helped thousands of patients from all over the world, we can communicate online or via whats app anytime that suits you.

Q:  Do you offer medical or travel insurance?

A:   Travel insurance is highly recommended when booking any travel, this covers any unforeseen circumstances, lost luggage etc
Medical insurance is available for a little extra cost for further information and to receive a free no obligation quote price read our fly back cover

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